Friday, 28 August 2015

An interesting new shopping site design

I am very impressed with Tictail's new shopping site creation software. All on-line and very well-designed, it is easy to use and has a good range of design options and you can even get at the code and, I think, tweak things if necessary.

So far, I have managed to do a lot using just free tools but I have spotted several 'apps' which would extend some of the features but each has what looks like quite a high cost and a monthly one at that. However, I may be able to stay within the free boundaries and full marks to the people behind it. Swedish, I think. I like the way text and images, particularly, displayed.

With more and more people now looking at sites using mobiles and tablets, I am conscious that the photo displays don't show on these devices and so I am losing interest in quite a significant section of the market place. Google also drop your ranking if your site doesn't react and switch when viewed on mobile devices so I have to do something. The Tictail offering may well be just what I need. More on that in a while. It will be quite some time before I have put every model on the new area!

You can see how it's going either via the Renault link above or here. I am also adding a permanent link to the side on the main blog pages.

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