Friday, 14 August 2015

Someone else's collection

A collector has asked me to find good homes for his small and varied collection. As he had some very nice Corgis in amongst them I couldn't really refuse but there are also one or two items that I may have to pay someone to take away!

The priciest item will probably be the 339 BMC Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo. I don't know why as it is an odd looking thing with that enormous roof rack but it is in exceedingly good condition and people do seem to like minis.

My personal tip would be to get the Austin A60 Driving School car. This is really clean and tidy with almost no flaws and the only dot I can see is probably a factory thing anyway. It may not have a catalogue value as high as some others but you try finding a good one of these that still has some semblance of suspension!

The other Corgis are a beautifully clean and probably A+ rated Mini Marcos GT850 (rare as the paint usually chips when you look at it) but with a D rated box, a pretty nice Saint's Volvo with a nasty side scratch making it a bargain for someone skilled with white paint, a splendid Ghia L6.4 with the scarcer all cream interior and bonnet and boot fittings that would be the star of the show had it not got cracked front and rear windows and, of course, a gold 261 Aston Martin. That's in pretty good condition with a few scratches and a slightly grubby look to the actually clean paint and with all working features.

You can see them all in more detail here and they'll be on Ebay in a while.

One interesting 'other' model is a bright metallic orange Jaguar E Type roadster by a Spanish company called Joal. Apparently they used Tekno moulds and that makes them a bit more sought after. the company has just gone bust, I believe, and had kept going with a respectable range of commercial stuff. The Jaguar is quite an early one with opening everything and, apart from rather thick paint, it is quite appealing. I have no idea what it will sell for. there are one of two available but prices fluctuate widely.

Joal 100 Jaguar E Type + box  £40

339 BMC Mini Coopr S £80

341 Mini Marcos GT850 + box £50

236 Austin A60 £55

241 Ghia L6.4 £15

261 Aston Martin £30

258 The Saint's Volvo P1800 £40

[Prices exclude postage]

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