Thursday, 6 August 2015

Simca 1000 Coupé in blue

A blue Simca 1000 arrived yesterday. I wasn't expecting ever to have one of these. OK, so it has quite a few chips on the paintwork and the windows are a bit scruffy but it is all original and not actually damaged, just worn in places. The wheels, tyres and base are good.

It's the first I have seen for sale in a year or so of looking and the owner wasn't a Corgi collector and probably just regarded it as one of many bits of junk in a box of old toys.

So now I've crossed this off the list it will be available for someone to purchase. One catalogue-type site lists this at about £40 but that has to be way off the mark as there simply aren't any anywhere and it's easier to find a Pop Art Mini! QDT show recent examples, (admittedly looking near new with boxes), that have sold at prices between £800 and £1010 so putting a price on it is really difficult as there is nothing reliable to go by. I'll start around £130 and see what happens.

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