Thursday, 14 August 2014

Thunderbirds are go!

Here I can show you three versions of the classic American Ford Thunderbird. The pink and black one is the #214M with a friction motor and was available for a very short time in 1959. The white convertible, #215, appeared in December 1959 and was replaced by #215S with suspension and a tall driver in 1962. I think the lower profile of the early model looks better although the white and blue combination is a bit odd, not helped by silver inserts for the seating!

There are also #214 and #214S available - the hard top versions without the friction motor and a suspension version but I am not in a hurry to stock these. There were very few American cars in the early years, the Studebaker came first and then the Thunderbird and a little later the Chevrolet Impala but that was about it for many years.

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