Sunday, 3 August 2014

Summer holidays in an Austin A40

#216M Austin A40

Walcott, Summer 1960

Being 8 had its advantages. I was too small to reach the roof of my dad's Austin A40 so never got asked to wash it. This is me on holiday, probably around 1960, in Walcott on the Norfolk coast.

At the time there were almost no red A40 models to be found as Corgi had wthdrawn its #216M model with the unpopular friction mechanism that added a massive 3d to the price. So I had a blue one which I had attempted to paint red at the time but now have, at last, a lovely example of the red Corgi car. The last to have that motor and really quite scarce.

Walcotte, Summer 1965

It looks like we went to Walcott again in 1965 with dad's new Hillman Minx. This was a great car, smooth and much more powerful. I learned to drive and even passed my test in this car! Five years later. My dad's car was dark green but there was no Corgi Hillman Minx so the best I could do was a Spot On model in a dull shade of pea. Actually, the Spot On models were very nice and more detailed than Corgis. I don't really know wht I didn't collect them and get as attached to them as I did Corgis. I have a feeling they were a lot more expensive. Still, I guess it's never too late.

Spot-On #187 Hillman Minx

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