Saturday, 23 August 2014

Good for Mr Samuelson.

Corgi did produce some very finely detailed items from time to time. One example is the lovely camera unit on a tripod and base that first appeared with Samuelson Film Service Commer microbus in December 1967. In this version there was a very clever device that fixed it in place at the rear of the bus which could be unlocked and I often see pictures of the camera on the roof too where it also sort of fits but not in a permanent way. It also fits in the front. Marvellous engineering.

The same camera also appears in the Tour De France Gift Set 13 but here it is attached to an extended base coming out of the back of the Renault 16 and the hatchback has disappeared completely! Maybe it didn't rain much in France then. That base didn't move either. This appeared in July 1968 and both were around for a few years.

It is very nicely made, though, and has a jewel as the lens which always strikes me as a nice touch even if it is a little odd when you think about it.

The Commer is in one of its final appearances, the very last being as a Holiday Camp bus, more or less identical to the blue camera one but in deep red brown and white with a white interior. That was only around for less than a year and is quite hard to find.

I am not sure who Samuelson was but they will have been happy to be associated with such a well-made model.

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