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I now have the full set of MGB / MGC GTs. They started with the red MGB GT in 1967 and that was a very popular model. It sold well but still wasn't around for long because MG decided to introduce the MGC which had a 3 litre engine and needed a bulge in the bonnet. So two years later, in 1969, Corgi change it by fitting a new bonnet and rear hatch transfer and it becomes #345 an MGC GT and falls in the 'competition' section of the catalogue too.

The catalogue does, in fact, have a lovely looking blue and white version but that must have been the artist's hope as the model finished up in yellow with a black bonnet. If the MGB had been short-lived then the MGC was positively just here today and gone tomorrow and didn't even make 1970, with less than a year in production. It is quite a scarce item now.

Even scarcer is the orange version, still with wire wheels, but with no black bonnet. Some say this only appeared in a set but I'm not so sure it didn't also find its way into #345 boxes. My copy hasn't any numbers (and I prefer it that way) so it doesn't really need to be in the competition section at all. Anyway it wasn't around long enough for that to have troubled anyone as next came Whizzwheels and 1970 brought the red and black MGC GT along. Now BMC had deleted the MGC in 1969 and were making the MGB V8 but never mind.

The final version is really the same as all the others - mercifully no dumbing down like happened with so many other models that were carried forward. Like the Renault 16, that also survived with its features intact, my #378 has a missing rear window in the hatch! Easy enough to replace, thank goodness. Looking at this from the side you see lots of interesting chrome above the front wheels and, with the bonnet in a contrasting colour, you tend to think that it really ought to open to reveal an engine! The hatch should have an opening suitacse, though. This was, I think, the only model that had a black, opening suit case.

All nice models and I am lucky to find the MGCs in as good condition and the yellow one is as new with a superb box as well. Finding an original MGB in as good condition hasn't proved so easy and prices across the range are remarkably high.

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