Friday, 29 June 2018

New arrivals in June

Coming to the village this month has been another fascinating selection, including one or two models I have not seen before. The star of the show has to be the 242 Ghia Fiat 600 Jolly with a decent box too! This arrived in a massive box! That was necessary as the little yellow car was something I had spotted buried in an auction lot of dreadful fire engines - two enormous C1103 Fire Trucks from the late 1970s and a boxed Simon Snorkel.

242 Giat Fiat 600 with box Jolly £275

464 Commer Police Van £50

GS40 Excellent models in great reproduction box £160

236 Asutin A60 Driving School Car £35

213S Jaguar Fire Chief's Car £45

227 £35

227 £35

227 £60

226 £40

203 bright yellow with excellent original box £160

275 (rebuilt from green / tan edition) £30

275 original (but with some new paint) £44
Not so much arrivals as re-appearances - these seemed to look better with the bare metal polished. Projects as yet unfinished.

GS14 (truck only) with free spinning wheels! Price TBA

216 Austin A40 with shaped wheels £45

207 Standard Vanguard III with shaped wheels Price TBA

225 Austin Seven deep red Type 1c base fixed wheels £70

234 Ford Consul Classic with free spinning wheels Price TBA

200 Ford Consul 2nd edition £45

1127 Bedford Simon Snorkel Fire Engine with excellent box £80

C1103 Airport Crash Truck Price TBA

31007 Heavy Haulage Annis & Co. Ltd Price TBA

This last item, the Annis & Co Heavy Haulage model is as new in its original packing with a limited edition certificate. Now something like this would not normally feature in my stock but Mr & Mrs Annis live across the road from me in the village and Mr Annis is a nephew of one of the company's owners. He is going to supply me with some additional background detail, expanding on the paragraph people get in the box, and also providing some photos to make this a little more appealing item for a collector.

Oh yes, Skippy arrived too! A colleague had a lovely 302 Hillman Hunter in an original box but no kangaroo so I found this great original for him. I think I paid more for the kangaroo than I did for some cars!

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