Saturday, 9 June 2018


Here is a GS14 Jeep FC-150 with free spinning wheels, referred to in a recent article. I think this could be quite a scarce item. One of only two items I can think of that have free spinning wheels but no suspension (other than tractors, equipment and trailers).

These Jeeps do seem to confuse some sellers so here is a quick guide which might help those of us avoid going after what looks like something unusual merely being an item which was wrongly numbered!

April 1959 409

The first Jeep FC-150 appears in a pale blue colour. No springs, no interior. No plastic canopy either. That comes later.

February 1961 Gift Set 14

The hydraulic tower is fitted to a red Jeep FC-150 and sold in a box with a lamp standard and a chap with his arms in the air. This model was not available on its own but is often now seen without the lamp or man and even missing the tower unit. Note the slot in the rear tailgate.
This red one has neither an interior nor suspension.

March 1965 470

The first Jeep 150-FC with suspension and an interior, available in shades of blue and mustard, not red. With a plastic canopy too now if you're lucky. This gets cast wheels and new deeper blue colours in December 1968.

December 1965 478

The hydraulic tower version gets a nice metallic green colour, an interior and suspension. It is released in a box with a man but no lamp standard.

June 1965 64 or Gift Set 64

This is the other red one and this one does have an interior and suspension but is usually obviously different with a huge conveyor system on the back. If that has disappeared then it can be distinguished from a GS14 Jeep by not having a slot in the tail gate (in case neither interior nor suspension are obvious).
This is listed as either 64 or Gift Set 64.

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