Wednesday, 6 June 2018

More or less Minis

Nothing seems ever predictable when you're dealing with Corgis and what may or may not have been produced when and which combinations may or may not have been possible. After all my and colleagues' efforts in the late Summer of last year I published some tables but revisions continue!

I have just come across a little 225 Austin with fixed shaped wheels and a 1c base so that needs to be added in to the mix! The original article is at this link.

All the 1c base types I had come across previously have had free spinning shaped wheels so this seems to be quite an unusual variation.

While I am extending the 225 possibilities, I have decided to trim down the 227 table. It was getting very long and, should examples like the 225 above be found - 227s with fixed wheels but a 1c base - then it would be even longer! Now, that may still have to be the case but until I encounter such miscreants I shall make things considerably simpler for you by not only omitting them but also deleting the white bonnet models with free wheels. They may well exist somewhere but, so far, I haven't seen any and so they can stay hidden for now. As and when examples do appear then I'll bring them back in, as will be the case with other variations not included below.

The 226 table, mainly due to the model's longevity, remains pretty much as it was but, of course, may also require further extension if examples similar to the Austin appear. It has changed only in the omission of some colours. I gave up trying to list every conceivable blue shade combination and have just left the lilac blue shade coming in near the end.

Again, there may be more to add to this but I'm sure that will be enough to try and collect for the time being.

I have included a permanent link to the main Mini article in a panel on this blog's front page so that you should be able to find comparisons and information fairly easily.

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