Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Pony Trailer you probably don't have

The old Corgi Pony trailers never cease to surprise me. This is a very nice example of the scarcer cream and red edition of 102 that arrived today. It's nice but didn't strike me as anything exceptional. Then I tried to open and drop down the ramp. It seemed a lot more difficult than the others I have had.

It was like there was a sort of handle missing. That, indeed, is what it was. All the other 102s that I have ever encountered have had a lump of metal at the top of the ramp that acts as a sort of handle.

This one also came with most of its box. If you look at the image carefully you'll see that the artist has drawn a ramp without a handle. So that makes me think that perhaps this is the very earliest edition which was later amended. Having said that, on the other side he has drawn a cream trailer with a black chassis so you can never really come to much of a conclusion from these.

This is another cream and red one that I have at the moment and you can see the difference. Because the one that has just arrived is in good condition it is clear that there never has been a 'handle' and it is not a simple case of something having been chipped off at some point.

So there's another 102 that you may need to add to your collection! Indeed, as the red and black one was, I think, also issued at the outset, perhaps there will be some of those without the 'handle' too.

I have read on one site that there are editions of the red and black model with a fixed drawbar instead of the wire affair. I am not at all sure that is the case and believe that there were several changes made at that time and they only applied to the brown and cream version. However, maybe you can look out in case there really is a third red and black type! 

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