Saturday, 8 April 2017

Corgi Toys @ 60: Commer 5 ton Platform Lorry

This good old lorry came along in April 1957 and lasted all the way through to 1963. It was quite similar to an ERF lorry that would have been around British lanes at the same time. I wonder how many children now would be interested in having both? Then, however, I can remember lorries being really popular and one friend used to watch all the lorries going in and out of some gravel pits nearby and he could identify each and every one in great detail.

There were two colours of cab but I think the load area was always silver. My blue and silver one has the reversed shaped wheels and is a later model. The windows are nice and clear and the silver paint is excellent. There are a few chips on the blue but generally this looks brilliant.

I am still waiting to get the primrose and silver edition.

These lorries are, of course, a little small in comparison to the cars and vans, being made to a scale of 1:56. They look fine on their own or amongst like models, though. Next month will come something you can actually attach to that tow hook! 

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