Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Seeing things in black and white.

A few years ago I read about some Bentley Continentals being green and white as opposed to green and pale apple green. Ever since then I have been trying to find one but that hasn't been easy. Firstly, people's photographs seldom show the real colours, their whites can look green and their greens white sometimes. Secondly, examples in good condition are expensive! My latest acquisitions were bought several months apart. The 'white' one certainly did look white but I needed to compare it to a nice clean alternative. Finally, last week I found a nice apple green one again and now have the two to stand next to each other.

I was delighted, and a little relieved, to see there really is a clear difference!

Much as I like the shades of apple green, and that was the model I had when I was 12, It was really always the black and silver model that I had wanted. Corgi made very few models in black. The Mercedes 220SE Coupé and Morris Mini Cooper 'Wickerwork' are the only two saloons (other than Police or Taxi vehicles) that I can think of.

The dark grey Thunderbird and Jaguar E Type are also a couple of my favourites but I think black didn't get used again. OK, Batman and the Green Hornet were black. But, like the taxis and police cars, they had to be.

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