Saturday, 14 January 2017

Who's that I saw you with?

Laughing with Andi from Eilum in Germany at the way the driver in Corgi's 303S Mercedes-Benz looks a bit too tall and has to peer over the screen, I wondered how many other characters had featured in the range. We do have to start with good ol' Farmer George, of course, who lasted from almost the start to the finish and never aged a day! There will be some other familiar characters too but, just for fun, here are all that I can think of and can you identify the models?

Yes, I know, most are pretty easy and you can always cheat by downloading the file and the filename will give you the answer. To help you, these are more or less in catalogue number order as well, with Gift Sets at the end.

I think I have still missed one or two - like a Bulldozer driver or workman but this is the best I can do today. And it all took a great deal longer than I had anticipated!

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