Saturday, 28 January 2017

On the subject of Morris Mini-Coopers, here's a pale blue one with yellow interior.

Regular readers will remember that I found a pale blue Morris Mini-Cooper some time ago. Now I have a second - this one has the lemon interior. (The previous one had red).

This is not the clearest of photos, I'm afraid, but trust me, it reads MORRIS MINI-COOPER.

What I think has happened here is that the production of both 226 and 227 would be running at the same time and at some point before the painting, some Mini-Cooper bases got added to the rack heading for the pale blue paint room. There would then be someone who was putting the windows in, adding the seats and then riveting the base to the body. You would have thought that it would have been noticed at the riveting stage as the 227 would normally have been bright blue or primrose underneath. Maybe if there were a batch of n tops and n bases then, rather than discard the mismatched pairs they just carried on and reckoned that no-one would mind. I am glad they did!

Of course, and you may have got there before me, this implies that there could well be nice blue and white or primrose and white Morris Mini-Minors with jewelled headlamps! That would be nice. Something else to look for!

I didn't want to sell the first one but now I have two I may let that one go if anyone would like to make an offer. I have no idea what it is worth.

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