Thursday, 24 November 2016

Gift Set 15. The Gift Set that keeps on giving.

Oh, not another Rice Beaufort Double Horse-Box you may say. Yes, another one! We've had open vents and closed vents, then blue and white tops and all white tops. Before that there was the strange one with cast 8 spoke wheels (like those fitted to racing cars!) Now I've found a fourth type of wheel.

As you can see from the illustration, the cast wheels on the left have a distinctly deeper rim, a different spoke pattern and what appears to be a slightly larger centre hub (although that might be an optical illusion). At first I thought it was just a cleaner version, maybe a crisper casting but that is not the case.

This came with a black plastic hook, blue and white top and a closed vent. I bought it in a Gift set 15 with a Whizzwheels Land Rover (which you'll read about in the next post) from the States. So it would seem to be a later edition but that's all I can tell you about it.

Well, I could talk about how the rear ramp falls off if you don't open it carefully but, fortunately, it slips back into place again easily and stays in position.

I presume that there will be plenty of these around with this style of wheel but, once again, I shall have to study these little blue and white wonders a little more carefully. Somehow I shall have to make a list of what types you're likely to come across and do some counting to get some idea of which are more common than others.

In case you missed them, here are the other two wheel types:

I think it is safe to assume now that there were none issued with 'normal' wheels, although you'll find sets where the Land Rovers have normal wheels.

There are, at the other end, several sets where the Land Rover has Whizzwheels and the Horse-Box cast wheels but I don't think I've seen them the other way round. Even sets with both components having Whizzwheels are not that common, Corgi beginning to look at other things to do with the Land Rover by then.

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