Thursday, 10 November 2016

349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art' Edition

Strange things happen sometimes. For a reason I genuinely cannot recall, I finished up at an online auction based in Holland a few days ago and saw this at about 100 euros. I casually set a high bid of 200 euros and was amazed to discover that I had won it for a figure somewhere between the two! I didn't even have an account there and hurriedly created one and paid the whole price, including quite reasonable fees and postage.

It is a genuine original, not repainted or with new stickers applied. I think some people may have passed it by because it was advertised with a reproduction box. It was one of those very sharply angled boxes that are made of the wrong type of card with a bright white interior and they do look out of place, albeit well-printed. It just cries out 'repro' and the car suffers as a result. So that will get sold for a few pounds and the car can stay as it is.

It has been played with, with a few chips here and there but nothing significant. The windows are clean and all very good. Often I see these with broken perspex which is such a shame. The suspension is as good as all minis and the wheels the correct cast variety.

I was not intending to bother chasing after one of these as I believe they are very much over-priced generally and not as 'rare' as most advertisers declare. It has, though, become the model to get. It is missing from many collections because it costs so much and I was content to have it missing from mine too. However, I cannot deny being quite delighted to have got this at such a good price and to be able to cross this off the Wanted List. 

It will be sold at some point - and no doubt for a hefty profit - but that will enable me to search out more interesting models - like a bronze Sting Ray, a gold Volkswagen Karman Ghia and a blue Austin Healey. For now, though, it does put a smile of my face and, as child of The Sixties, it kinda suits me!

This is quite an unusual scene! 

It did occur to me that my friend Frans, who, as I reported some time ago, found one of these at a charity shop in Holland for 5 euros, may have put this in the auction. I must compare the photos!

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