Thursday, 10 November 2016

Another Corgi Pony Club edition. You'll soon need stables to store them all!

Who would have thought that the Corgi Pony Club would be so troublesome!? First we see that the Land Rover can have three different types of wheels, grey or black tow bars and then the two types of yellow interior. At least the good old 112 Rice Double Horsebox stayed the same...

Oh, that changed too? Yup. Three different types of wheel, red or black tow bars, open or closed vents and now I find another difference. Heavens alive! This one is actually pretty obvious too but I had missed it all this time. It's the roof.

Some have just part painted white, others have the whole roof section in white. There seem to be slightly fewer of the all-white roof version around but they are not at all uncommon. The one illustrated here I purchased for a collector in Germany and came with an early blue Land Rover with normal wheels. So, assuming that they were once a set, the all-white roof may have been issued from pretty early on. The painting process would have probably seen the whole thing get a coat of blue and then a mask would be applied so that only a section remaining visible gets the white paint.

The two different finishes would have necessitated a change of masks rather than two different ones being lying around. So someone must have decided to make the change at some point but which came first I really don't know. I am guessing that the all-white roof was the first variety because I have not seen any Whizzwheel versions with that feature. I may be wrong, though. 

This one is also a rather weak and watery white which seems to let the blue come through, making a pale creamy-green-blue colour. I think we have enough varieties, though, so I will resist listing that as yet another model!

There is also the problem of what look like distinctly darker blue models of the Land Rover and Horsebox that are issued in their later years. When I get some good examples I may have to add them to the list. I am also aware that the stickers were moved from the canopy to the body of the Land Rover at some point but I don't intend to list that as a variation. You may well find that you get both versions when you set about finding the other types.

The story does not end, even there, however. A very exciting instalment is coming! Watch this space in a few days' time.

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