Friday, 2 September 2016

Three lovely models for Italy

There is a collector I would love to meet one day in Italy. Not just because he has been buying many of my best items but it really does look the most wonderful of places and I would be keen to see what else he has acquired over the years.

Today, a Bentley Continental, Jaguar E Type and Ford Mustang are heading for the streets of Manocalzati in Avellino Province. The Bentley is the gold-plated version from Gift set 20. These sets were only produced in low numbers and the individual components are some of the scarcest models, something not yet reflected in their prices. I think this can only be due to their appearance often being a little shabby as the gold plate did not usually fare well and the Ford Classic and Chevrolet Corvair, neither particularly attractive cars at the best of times, suffer most. This Bentley, however, carries its gold well and looks very smart. I now have to locate another decent example in case someone wants a Gift Set.

The E Type is the nice dark grey version with a black hard top. I don't think there ever was an official black hard top; all that I have ever seen were a sort of plum red colour. However, it does look good and I have used this combination in many places as a sort of icon for Corgi Tots of this era.

Lastly, there's a lovely Ford Mustang in Flower Power mode. This is a splendid example of #348, only the second really nice one I have had. I had been hanging on to it in the hope of finding a box but I'm happy to see it going to this good home. And maybe I'll see them again one day!

I would also like to send my sympathies and best wishes to all those affected by the dreadful earthquakes and after shocks that have taken place in the last week or so in that country.

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