Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Festival Of The Unexceptional

While writing about the Morris Marina I stumbled upon this site today. CarCountUK tells you just how many of a particular model are currently registered for use of British roads.

It is fascinating and I had great fun entering the details of all my old cars. None are quite extinct but there are only 3 of an Aufi 100GL5E that I used to own in 1981. The image shows that there are 64 Riley 4/72 cars still around. I wonder if my old one survived? Whilst there will be more that are wrapped up in museums or maybe under restoration in garages somewhere, this is a pretty good guide to what has and what hasn't survived.

I was quite surprised to see that only a handful of Morris Marinas still exist, despite it selling really well in the early 1970s, outselling even the veritable Ford Escort at one point.

There is a Festival Of The Unexceptional held each year and sponsored by an insurance company. I had not been aware of this before but, as it is held just a few miles from I live, in Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, I shall certainly make a point of going next year!

It is quite a thought that the scarcest sights on the roads here now may well be cars like a Riley Kestrel or Renault 30!

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