Friday, 2 September 2016

That could be me on a Jersey stamp :)

I made a suggestion recently to Royal Mail that they should have some stamps to celebrate the hobby of collecting model cars or, at least, to include one in a set that might show hobbies like stamp collecting and other popular pastimes. I did say it would have been nice to have marked Corgi's 60th Anniversary but I suppose it was not appropriate to been seen to advertise a brand name that is still in use.

Whilst that all fell on deaf ears in the United Kingdom but it is good to see that in the British Islands (there is a difference!) someone has made an effort. The stamp illustrated is one of a July issue. The cartoon-like design isn't much to my taste but I don't know of any other stamps featuring our hobby so it does represent a start.

And here's my idea of what it ought to have looked like!

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