Friday, 12 August 2016

Things that tip and could go dump in the night

My first Unimog arrived this week and what an impressive model it turns out to be. It may look like a plastic toy in these colours but it is solid die-cast metal, weighty and very well constructed.

The suspension comprises four coil springs, pretty much like the real thing and it can be quite good fun driving it up and over assorted objects on the desk to see it in action. I have been fortunate to find a model in extremely good condition (it came in a near unmarked window box) for just a few pounds, probably because the seller thought it was the later, not so nice, model. Having said that, this one was around for a good while whereas the replacement lasted only a year or two and so that might actually be quite scarce now. 

The spring-loaded dumper flies up when the handle is turned - probably not very realistic but it does the job! I am now chasing down the other few Unimogs. There are plenty of snow ploughs around by the seems of things but I really cannot build up much enthusiasm. I'll probably get the trucks next or the later version of this.

Next in was the other Massey Ferguson 50B tractor, this time wearing a shovel attachment. Just as bland as the tractor really. The attachment doesn't stay up for wheeling around the room. I don't think t has been made to - there is a silver grab handle thing that operates the lift quite effectively and my guess is that we're expected, or should I say, we were expected, to hold that while pushing it about. Farmer George, with scarf, is still stuck in the cab there for life and not doing a great deal.

This gets the number 54 which was previously assigned to the twin track affair that I still haven't managed to acquire.

Lastly for now, here is a smart Dodge Kew Fargo truck, the second in this group that I needed. It is very similar to the #483 that came in recently. The only difference is really the tipping device instead of the beast carrier unit. I have a suspicion that the tipping part is the same part from #62, the Farm Trailer in red which came with extra depth inserts.

I have yet to examine these side by side but the photos look interestingly similar. There are, however two hydraulic pistons operating the trailer on the Dodge truck and just one of the trailer.

My Dodge truck is, like the Beast Carrier, an early version with the normal wheels. Later editions had cast, spoke effect wheels.

Like #483, #484 also suffered from poor suspension (despite the seller's assurance that it was good in the advertisement!) but I used the simple technique of straightening the transmission shaft to sort that out and it is now nice and solid. These trucks do, however, have a massive wheelbase! I can imagine that a truck left lying around could easily succumb to a parent's foot and that wouldn't help the suspension either.

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