Monday, 29 August 2016

An open top Lotus Elan with cream interior

Running out of Lotus Elans now, I was looking amongst some parts that I had lying around and made this lovely looking example. It might do nicely as the alternative that I put in various Avengers sets for collectors. Having said that, Mrs Peel's car in the colour TV series had a black interior so I may just keep this for myself.

I haven't got any complete black interiors but hope to find some more models at reasonable prices before long which I can adapt. Many seem to lose seats and the steering wheel. Almost everything else is easy to replace or fix but the steering wheel isn't so I avoid any old models that don't have that in place.

The one problem with the cream interior is that it seems slightly wider than the black one. That surprised me as I thought they would all have been made at the same time from the same moulds but I guess that can't be the case. There are slots for the windows to fit in, which is a little surprising as only the hard top 319s had the cream interior. But it is just a tiny bit wider. As a consequence, the side windows are a very tight fit and they're pretty much fixed in position. So that's another reason why I'll stick to the black interiors!

Some very nice Bentleys in green and red have come in recently so I should soon be able to offer a good range of options for people who want to make their own set.

And yes, I know the registration plate needs to be cut a little closer. I have only just noticed as I write this!

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