Friday, 19 August 2016

Keeping your end up with a Rambler Marlin

The Rambler Marlin was an impressive model, that long flowing roof to back line being quite different in those days to anything else I had in my collection. Just arrived is this very nice example with normal wheels. Nearly all these had the cast, spoke-effect wheels and this one is quite scarce.

It looks lovely but I have to admit to having to find a temporary fix for the back suspension. An elastic band did the job perfectly in terms of keeping it even for the photographs but I am not sure what to do now!

So many of these models with the plastic suspension units are failing that prices for the survivors are surely going to start rising. I am hoping that there will be a way to feed something inside to provide some support at the rear that is not as ugly as my elastic band. Suggestions welcome if you have encountered this and found a solution.

The car itself is in excellent condition. I should soon have a couple of original door inserts for it  as they have gone missing on this one and it seems far too nice to break.

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