Saturday, 16 July 2016

How big is that doggy in the window...?

Now I did say I wouldn't write any more about Ghias. I've just noticed something, though, which I ought to share with you: there are different sizes of dogs!

I expect there will be some of you who are now shouting at the screen words to the effect that you have known that since 1963, interspersed with extracts from the medical dictionary, but there may be some who had not appreciated this difference.

The blue model on the left has a significantly larger dog than the others.

The larger dog also appears to be looking slightly downwards and at a more oblique angle to the ninety degrees of the smaller one.

It would seem that the larger dog comes with the red interior and the cream interior has the smaller dog. My examples of the lemon gold edition have been sold so I do not have them to hand to refer to but the photos I have seem to show the smaller dog.

At first I also thought I could see a difference between the two on the gold models' back shelves but now I think it is just how they've become positioned.

These two, however, clearly show the different types.

So now there may be something else to look out for. Could there be red interior with small dogs or cream interiors with big dogs?

We now also have to ask the question whether there are different dogs in the Ford Mustang or Fiat Ghia Jolly. I think they all have the smaller dog. This would seem to indicate that a change was made at some time between 1963 and 1965 when the Fiat and Mustang were released.

Oh dear I have just found a red interior with the same size (small) dog as is affixed to a cream interior I have. So my theory about red interiors all having big dogs is not correct. Photos will follow tomorrow.

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