Thursday, 21 July 2016

Cream of The Man From U.N.C.L.E crop

Thanks to my friend Andi in Kneitlingen, Germany, I have finally managed to acquire a cream Oldsmobile Man From U.N.C.L.E car. He is particularly expert at spotting interesting items in groups of several models. This was in with a curious selection of pretty dreadful-looking things - a Fiat 1800, Ferrari Berlinetta really badly repainted and two Minis that were almost unrecognisable Corgis, a Maserati missing several parts and a couple of reasonably good blue Mercedes-Benz 350SLs.

At just 40 Euros, though, this lot was cheap and the other items were much of a bonus, really. So he kept the two Mercedes and another item and sent me the Oldsmobile and three or four wrecks.

Now, I knew these cream versions were hard to come by. Almost every one I have encountered during the last year or two has been a repainted blue one! they are quite cheap and easy to find and, of course, cream is easy to do. A glance at Toymart's price guide shows just how expensive these are.

QDT also list a few they have sold recently and they're all between £900 and £1400. OK, that's with an original box and everything is more or less immaculate but the prices seem to hold up even without the box or the Waverley ring. This one is probably in good C grade condition so could be worth well into three figures! That's quite a pleasant surprise.

Now I have to decide whether to get a reproduction box and a ring. It might be worthwhile.

Now, just for fun, let's take a look at the other items.

Here's the Fiat 1800. It doesn't look too bad in the photo but the paintwork really is rough and like orange peel all over. It's turning white now.

The Ferrari is a mess but, again, somehow looks OK in this picture. I like the white colour but it could be a lot better finished and that's now under way.

Even the Mini looks vaguely OK here. But it really isn't. At first it was a bit of a mystery with four fog lamps, cast wheels and the front bumper extension.

Once the paint had been removed it was clear. It was a 339 model with the roof rack holes filled! Luckily, I have a spare roof rack that someone supplied me in error when I had ordered one for the Austin Countryman (which has a slightly different holes and profile) so now I can put that to good use. I don't have any cast spare wheels though so I may have to find something else to go in the rack!

I don't do 'restorations' and always try to pick a new colour for a model I have to respray. I had some white left so that should do nicely. I have some transfers too which may not be strictly accurate but it should come out looking a lot smarter and, hopefully, not drooping at the rear either!

I have also been spraying a Ghia but I did promise not to write about them for a while so you'll have to wait. No it isn't white! Although it would look good in white.

Andi has now found another group that includes another item on my wanted list! This looks a much trickier operation to ensure we don't spend too much and finish up with a pile of stuff we don't really want. If it comes off then you'll read about that here and there may be some bargain originals for sale in a few days - at least the extra items are not from the repainters' shop this time!

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