Saturday, 9 July 2016

Corgi Toys at Sixty: the first issues remembered.

Sixty years ago, on 9 July 1956, seven cars, three vans and two lorries appeared on the shelves of toys shops in Britain. These were the first Corgi Toys, 'the ones with windows' as they were promoted and the collections of thousands of young children began.

To mark this anniversary I shall feature each release, in order, so we can relive the range's development over the first year or two. The photographs will be of models in my own collection wherever possible. I won't feature every variation or I would never finish in some months! I am pretty sure these were the colours first available for the cars - the two-tone finishes came a few years later.

200M Ford Consul

200 Ford Consul

200M Ford Consul

201M Austin Cambridge

201 austin Cambridge

202M Morris Cowley

202 Morris Cowley

203 Vauxhall Velox

203M Vauxhall Velox

205M Rover 90

205 Rover 90

206 Riley Pathfinder

206M Riley Pathfinder

207 Hillman Husky

207M Hillman Huxky

207M Hillman Husky

300 Austin Healey

300 Austin Healey

301 Triumph TR2

301 Triumph TR2

403 Bedford CA Van

403M Bedford CA Van

404M Bedford CA Dormobile

404 Bedford Dormobile

405 Bedford CA Fire Tender

405M Bedford Fire Tender

452 Commer 5T Dropside Lorry

Commer 5T Refrigerated Van

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