Friday, 20 May 2016

Lotus Elan S2 with a difference

So what's wrong with this picture? It's the 319 Lotus Elan S2 Coupé from Gift Set 37 but I've swapped its chassis with the boxed version. So it looks like a very scarce version with cast wheels when, of course, there weren't actually any at all.

Quite why there weren't any I am not sure as I think the cast type of wheel was around when this model was being sold in the Gift Sets. Or perhaps they came a little later after all. I am just surprised that there haven't been more swaps like this. The lack of suspension means the bigger wheels still turn but I am not so sure that would be the case on the 318 with removable chassis. I must try that next.

All the boxed 319s, which only come in blue or red, each with white tops, have cast wheels and all the Gift Set green and yellow or yellow and green Elans have the small shaped wheels.

The last illustration is a 318 that was pretty wrecked and which I have repainted in silver-blue as the second of Mrs Peel's cars in The Avengers. It looks lovely in that colour.

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