Monday, 16 May 2016

Chevrolet Camaro in blue

Another recent find was this lovely and very scarce Chevrolet Camaro in blue with Whizzwheels. I know it should have a white roof but it didn't have one at all so I borrowed the black one from a spare 338 that I have.

This really was not around for long. Nor for that matter was its gold predecessor with Golden Jacks but that doesn't seem to be attracting high prices. I have two that are almost as new in boxes and they've been available for ages with little interest. The blue one, however, is extremely hard to find and makes very good prices when collectors notice it. Often these are not appreciated as rare by their owners who think it's just another crappy old Whizzweel and sell it off in job lots!

Despite its very short run, there are some interesting variations to look for. First the lights are the same little chunks of plastic as Corgi used on the Capris. They tend to fall out but just slot back in again easily if you can find them! There are two types: a bright flourescent orange-red as shown on the model below (which I sold for £300 almost as soon as it was advertised!) and the darker type as you'll see above. In fact, I have just this minute noticed that the left light had fallen out in that photograph and is lying on the floor near the grey base! Ha ha! And I've put those photos on my site and Ebay too. Oh well.

Another variation is the colour of the deacl that says SS350 on the front wings. Originally, on the gold version is was black and, normally, it ought to be white to match the bonnet stripe as in the photo immediately above. However, on one of the latest acquisitions shown at the top of this post, you'll see that these side pieces are black but the bonnet stripe still white.

There are quite a few examples of these mixes from those days when the factory was working with parts from the Golden Jacks models as well as the new Whizzwheel type. Economies meant that many of the Whizzwheel models had fewer features but there are some 'transition' models and I wouldn't be surprised if the black decals were there in a box with the white ones and just got added by someone who didn't realise anything had changed. Who knows, there may even be some black bonnet decals and, indeed, 304 models with the 338 hood!

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