Thursday, 14 January 2016

Santa Monica, where nothing is quite as it first appears!

Three vehicles brighten up the streets of Santa Monica in California. The Lotus Elan looks quite at home, ready for the sunshine, although I am not too sure what residents will think the sticker on the boot refers to! I've Got A Tiger In My Tank may well get the new owner into some difficulty with the local animal protection people. You know what they're like across the Pond!

The Mini is not just any old Mini. This is a Fernel Mini - a very rare item from a late edition of the company's East African Safari game.

Thirdly, there's a VW Pick-up in a very bright shade of yellow. Both the VW and Lotus have the unusual feature of one wheel being the wrong way round - with a flat, old style hub showing instead of the shaped side.

Looks like this particular collector likes the slightly different models!

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