Friday, 29 January 2016

Corrections! It's Rambler Marlin and Consul is OK

For about 50 years I have always admired the name Marlin Rambler and, despite being aware that Rambler was a car brand in the States, I had simply never thought that #263 was ever anything but a car branded Marlin with Rambler as a sort of second name. I have even joked about the name in posts here and elsewhere. Now a reader has put me right so I have to make amends. In my defence I illustrate here the base which omits the crucial 'by' word and it does give the impression of Marlin being the name and Rambler-Fastback the model. However the box is pretty clear and I should have realised that Ramblers are Ramblers. Swinging and man-size.

My next mistake was to repeat something another Corgi fan of similar vintage had written. I always knew these cars as Ford Cortinas and the bonnet badge did indeed say Cortina in its later years but, originally, yes, it did say Consul and so Corgi were within their rights to use that after all. It may be that, by the time their model emerged it was badged as Cortina in full size but the Corgi model remained Consul. Anyway, this has given me an excuse to share some fascinating images from 1966 or thereabouts!

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