Friday, 15 January 2016

A list of Corgi Gift Sets

This was a lot longer than I had thought it would be! It just goes to show that I am still learning, even after all these years! Well, one or two are late Whizzwheel-type sets which I would not have paid any attention to at the time. These are all 1:43 scale. (If I have missed anything then do let me know.)

Some readers may find this useful. I have spent most of the day trying to figure out which Gift Set is which and what the differences were between what looked pretty identical. It all started when I was looking at Gift Set 41 and wondering why it seemed exactly the same as Gift Set 48. If I hadn't been staring at pictures of the actual boxes I would have just put it down to someone making a mistake but, yes, there really were two Transporter sets with different numbers. I think one was for export or mail order but later arrived in the catalogues.

The contents of these I have yet to complete but that's for another day. These are all very expensive as, whilst I am not too concerned for individual models, you do need the box for the Gift Set, and all the bits too! So I have very few of these. I can track any down, though, for anyone looking for something. Even with the reputable sellers, you do still often find sets that have been 'made up' and someone hasn't quite got it right.

There should be a list displayed above that you can scroll through. If not then try this link to my original sheet.

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