Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Which James Bond Aston Martin will you get for Christmas?

It's nearly Christmas and fifty years ago my dad had put a James Bond Aston Martin in my pillow case. That was 1965 and I still have it, and the box.

Three years later there was a change of colour and slight adjustments to make it look a little more like a DB5. This was #270 and was silver. The first ones had gold bumpers but most you'll see had silver ones. These had red tyre slashers added to the features at the start but in 1970 the advent of Whizzwheels brought a change. These wheels were also too wide for the body as it was so that had to be adjusted with the extended wheel arches.

Sometime later this model was reissued from China as 96655. It seems identical in all respects except for the red tyre slashers returning and it arrives with little screws holding it to the inner tray.

It was a while before another 1:43 edition came along. Many really quite cheaply made 1:36 versions appeared but eventually, in 1995, we get the 30th Anniversary edition in nice shiny gold. This was 96656, coming in a perspecx box and screwed to the stand. Not a toy to whizz around the carpet now.

Five years later, the 35th Anniversary saw this effectively re-issued with black tyre slashers, 4204. Again, it had a perspex box and is screwed to a stand.

Between the two 4201 comes along with Blofield in the pack with this syrupy gold version.

You'll recognise that. It is virtually identical to the latest 50th Anniversary editions! They also have the 4204 numbers, suffixed with G or S and come in smart sliding packs and the models can be taken out without a screwdriver.

You may need to look carefully at whichever one you get given this year! Values vary rather a lot!

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