Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mini Cooper to Åkersberga in Sweden

Some of the places where I send Corgi Toys look very attractive. This house in a place called Åkersberga in Sweden is quite delightful and I am more than happy to see the (Austin) Mini Cooper there. It is the second model to go to Sweden this week.

This particular Mini is the 339 model that was around from 1967 through to 1971 and then went on to appear in yellow with Whizzwheels and, strangely, the same decals!! That roof affair is very unattractive. This example had the normal wheels but later ones will be found with cast, spoke effect, wheels and, I think, a slightly darker shade of paint.

These are costly little cars, despite their quite long run in production, decent ones like this selling for around £80 and if you have a box too then you can look forward to being able to retire happily and in some luxury. 

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