Saturday, 12 December 2015

Wanted: Two Years Later

It was fascinating to look back to my post last year in which I listed the items I still needed to track down. Now there remain just three:

349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art'
412 Bedford Utilecon Ambulance Type II
242 Ghia Fiat 600 Jolly

I ought to add a fourth:

319 Lotus Elan Hard Top in green / yellow

as that is quite different to the cast wheel versions.

The 'pop Art' Mini I am not too concerned about as they are all way too expensive and the Fiat Jolly does not appeal to me very much so would only be here for as long as it took to photograph! I do have a restored Bedford C 412 with the single screen but I can't count that. If I had been asked which I thought would be in the last few I would never have predicted that one! There was one in a big job lot I saw being auctioned but the auction premium on what would have been a big bid for everything plus what is always very expensive postage when auction houses are involved really put me off. I also couldn't really see how good its condition was so decided not to take the chance. Since then, though, I have not seen one anywhere. Although I now appreciate that it is a scarce item, I am hoping whoever has one will just think it is any old Bedford van and not expect much!

There are, of course, and probably ever will be a number of colour variations and, whilst I think I have those more or less under control now (a soon to be definitive list should appear below - now revised as an incorrect list was showing before!) I am conscious that there are some other variations still appearing, like different bases for minis, the jewelled Hillman Imps, fixed, free, cast or spoked wheels and different colour interiors to keep me occupied for a while yet.

This continues to be an enthralling project and I seem to have maintained a steady flow of sales throughout the year to which has helped me acquire some missing items, better copies of some that were not so good and a few more variations.

I can see this lasting considerably longer yet and so there should be plenty more to share with my readers in future weeks.

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