Friday, 11 September 2015

Rover 2000 Sun Rally Edition

It's not perfect but I have, at last, found a Sun Rally Rover 2000, the scarce second edition of #322 that came out for a short period in 1967.

Although it has the same number as the previous dark crimson and white car, this has quite a different casting, most obviously seen from the air intake below the front bumper. This also has the later type cast spoked wheels. Something I find odd is that it has the same racing number 21 as the Sun Rally Mini #333 that came out at the same time! The Rover has the number on both sides, though.

This example is not brilliant, with many chips and knocks on the sides but the roof and bonnet aren't too bad and the number plates are intact. That can't be said for the 21 decals, though. I am not sure there are any available to replace them as the Mini ones that you can buy have a white background rectangle. These would seem to be transparent. I suppose that might help hide some of the scratches! It does mean buying two sets, though.

If no-one buys this fairly quickly then I may see what I can do about them. There has been some touching up on the sides where the worst chips showed the bare metal below. It's not bad viewed at 'normal' size and I'm glad to have it photographed after a long wait. I will still look out for a better version though but they are so expensive.

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