Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bedford CA Vans Type II. More work required, perhaps.

As you may have gathered from previous posts, one model that is proving very difficult to track down is the Type II version of the Bedford CA Ambulance. The funny thing is that it will probably only cost a few pounds when I do find it as there are no listings that I've found showing it separately to the comparatively common Type I.

I show below, however, my recent purchase of the nearest I can get so far - a rather excellent restoration. It is strange, indeed, that the one model I need gets taken to bits by someone and repainted! They have done a super job, though, and even the rivet looks genuine, if a bit new.

I am not sure, though, and can't see a way to distinguish them, whether this did start life as the reclusive Type II or, in fact, was a 414 army version, of which there are plenty.

Had I not seen the real thing (well, I assume it was real!) on the Little Wheels site then I would have assumed that the 414 was the natural successor and never even thought of looking for a Type II 412. With that in mind, I am now wondering whether there might be some other Type IIs that I should be looking for.

Oh dear, that has only just occurred to me. More work required, clearly!

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