Thursday, 24 September 2015

625 lines

I have said before how you tend to meet some of the nicest people in the world of Corgi Toys and some of them seem even more mad than I am. An example has to be someone from Herefordshire who, when he is not wandering around fir trees, monitors a range of auctions and sales and records prices for Corgi Toys produced up to the 1980s as well as later items.

I cannot imagine how much time he must put into this and I am not sure how useful the price records are, unless he religiously checks each one to maintain consistent condition of models to enable comparison, but what he has achieved so far is an excellent list of models and the variations he has seen sold.

This has been quite useful and, whilst there are what I believe to be a few errors and omissions that I have indicated he might adjust, he has brought together data from many good sources like QDT, Vectis and various publications and that has helped me confirm many varieties and assign others to the dubious or 'one-off' columns. I have, therefore updated my own list of 1:43 models produced from 1956 to 1975 which you can scroll through below or see on my web site.

The items I actually have in stock are shown on this site page. I don't expect I will ever have every single variation of every item but if you are looking for a particular model do let me know as I am quite good at finding most of them (just not the few I actually want myself!)

No doubt there are many other lists out there but I do know that when I started I found it all very confusing and there did seem to be a need for a simple list of everything 'normal'. Collectors get very confused by all the oddities that get included in many publications, promotional items, pigments that seem to have been figments of some authors' imagination and, as I have said before, we all make mistakes too. The eminent Vectis occasionally describe items incorrectly and, of course, there are all kinds of modified models, the red spot conversions being the most obvious.

I have quite bit of work still to do myself, mainly in the farm equipment area and the new colleague I mentioned seems to have done a good job on Batmobiles and others I have avoided so far. Another reason to express my gratitude for all the work he has done.

So here you have the latest 'definitive' list. I hope someone finds it helpful. If there is something that has been normally released and a model we could have bought at a shop one day and which you believe is missing do let me know. Items that were specially made for Bloggs & Company or which were trials or just staff making mistakes are interesting but not candidates for my list.

At the last count there are 625 different models already!

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