Wednesday, 25 February 2015

You do meet nice people in the world of Corgi Toys

It is always nice to be appreciated! I had this note from a collector in the States which helps make all the time I put into this worthwhile.

Andrew - Just wanted to say I love your website. I am 53 years old - been hooked on Corgis since my very first Land Rover. My parents would get me them for birthdays, Christmas, and after a haircut I was allowed to pick a new one out. I have all my originals and have been trying to acquire as many top quality or boxed units as possible. I'm on the east end of the US. My collection is in the range of 150 cars to date - all pre 1973. I recently acquired a 1401 boxed service ramp. Great Toys - seeing them brings me back to my childhood. Hopefully this collection will be worth something one day! Thanks for all the information you provide! - Dave

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