Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Sun RAC Rally Mini at the Bayko house.

The last but one mini has come along at last. Quite a decent looking #333 which has a large chunk of paint missing on one side but that's about all. There were no door transfers so I added some new ones which seem to be the right colour, unlike some that I have seen which are almost as red as the car.

The bonnet and boot transfers are original and sort of mostly there so I'll leave them. The new ones were from a chap with nothing better to do in Cambridgeshire. They came all as a single sheet, though, and so required cutting out before soaking. You try cutting those small curved corners! Impossible. But the ones that I found ready-cut were definitely the wrong colour so I went for these.

Observant readers may have spotted that the background I am using for many photos now is some strange looking building. It's a Bayko house, made from a set I had when I was 11 or 12 and of the same vintage as the Corgi Toys I had in the mid 1960s. The set is really quite big as I added several new bases and extra bricks and windows at the time. I was particularly fond of windows and most of my houses had as many as I could fit in!

I shall use this or, as time progresses, other designs of houses for future photos and not having a computer screen lighting up the wrong part of things on darker days will make for better photos too with a bit of luck.

This mini is the RAC Sun Rally version which has four jewelled fog lamps as well as the usual two headlamps. Only available for a short time in early 1967, surplus production, such as it was, finished up in the car transporter gift sets! Ridiculous. They were also the main source of the purple Rover 2000, the bronze Hillman Imp and the very elusive Whizzwheels Mini Marcos in blue. There is an article on that topic in my head but I'll have to do a bit more research first.

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