Saturday, 28 February 2015

James Bond Aston Martin 51st Anniversary edition

You may have noticed that some 50th Anniversary editions of the James Bond Aston Martin have made their way now on to various auction sites. The 4203 model is very similar to the 4201 model that came with an Oddjob character but without the tyre slashers and in silver as well as syrupy gold. They were sold out as soon as they were released so the scarcer gold ones are commanding prices from £80 upwards. Even the 4201 model is being promoted, without the box, here and there, in the hope that some people will pay that sort of money for the not particularly uncommon version!

I was intrigued to know whether this was, indeed, something approximating to 1:43 or another of the many 1:36 models and looked at the Corgi main web site. There is a Skyfall edition mentioned in the catalogue they issue - in silver but that is definitely 1:36. That wasn't anywhere to be found on the site, though. What I did find were the two 4203 models S and G for silver and gold which, of course were sold out. Next to them, However, were 4204S and 4204G with Pre-order links. Both are a modest £19.99 and available in May.

The interesting thing is that the illustrations look identical and when I got hold of the images I discovered that the file names for those promoting the May issues are the same as for 4203! So, unless there is some significant change being made to the packaging, I would be inclined not to rush after the £80+ models. There will be plenty around at a much lower price soon or you may still be able to pre-order at cost price today.

I am not a massive fan of the foreign made editions and actively disliked the 1:36 models which have all seemed quite cheap and nasty. The 1;43, or thereabouts, versions do feel better although the paint looks very heavy still. These are not in the normal run of what I write about but I thought you might like to know.

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