Friday, 25 January 2019

Odd wheels and a chassis

January is not the most exciting month of the year but it has brought on to my desk some interesting items. I'll start with this lovely chassis, which is part of the export edition of the 464 Commer Police Van. Now, where will I ever find a Type II rear section in this colour? (It's the one with POLICE in the casting).

Next is this metallic turquoise-green Land Rover. This is the issue which, in this colour, already comes in all sorts of flavours, including shaped wheels, the normal type of cast spoke-effect wheels and Whizzwheels, hooks in tin and plastic, the plastic ones being grey or black and, if that's not enough variations for you, there are two types of interior as well! Now add this shiny, quite different design of cast wheel to the catalogue!

Below is the type of cast wheel that can be difficult to clean when it goes grey and is the type found across the range on many models.

I have seen the shinier, fatter rim type on the later blue and white horseboxes too, and may well have posted something about them a while ago.

Lastly, this 400 VW 1300 Driving School car has come in and has silver wheels. I am pretty sure that all the others I've seen have had distinctly gold wheels so this is a little unusual too.

This one is missing its stickers, which come in three flavours: British, French and German. They all have an L plate, though, so no translation issues there! I may have to acquire some stickers for the doors and it would be quite nice to have something different. I may even make some myself, now I think about it. There is no obvious steering wheel inside on these models so it is, I suppose, suitable for LHD or RHD.

One other odd thing about this one is that the tyres, now hard and seemingly original, are too big for the wheels, with quite a bit of play in the same plane as the wheel's diameter. I am wondering whether these silver wheels are smaller than the gold ones. Unfortunately I have sold the previous model I had so will have to get another to compare. One cannot tell from the photos, but here is the last one I had.

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