Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Rover .0005

I had to look twice at this Rover 2000 when it arrived. It was ordered by my friend Andi in Germany and often he has to get models sent to me in cases where sellers in Britain don't like posting to foreigners. I don't mind as sometimes I get to see some interesting models and this is no exception. The interior is upside-down!

The base has not been removed; the original rivets being clearly present and undisturbed. So this was one of those bizarre things that just happened from time to time at the Corgi factory.

The person on the production line has taken a grey steering wheel and inserted it through the hole in the lemon interior from the wrong side. He or she has then pressed the unit in and the base has been attached and off the car has gone on its way to a Transporter Gift Set, this maroon edition usually being destined for the 1966 Gift Set 41 or 48. At first glance, you might think that this is a left hand drive edition but then the angle of the steering wheel and strange dashboard do look very wrong.

Clearly, quality control staff were not paying close attention that day! From the side, though, it isn't obvious.

I think this is the first example of an upside-down interior that I've seen. Andi has excellent observation skills but I have a feeling that this will come as quite a surprise!

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