Sunday, 22 October 2017

There are fewer greens in Brussells

I saw this and bought it from someone in Belgium. It wasn't expensive and looked like a nice example of the silver-blue shade that is quiet hard to come by. I did have one a while ago but it was snapped up by someone in Italy almost as soon as it arrived here.

This is the photo that caught my attention.

The model shown below is what arrived! At first I thought the chap must have had a few Ghias and had merely thrown the wrong one in the envelope. 

Whilst wondering whether I would have to communicate in Flemish or some Wallonian dialect to request the right model, I found the original advertisement and, fortunately, the Belgian had supplied some pretty good photos. It was soon clear that he had, indeed, supplied the correct car. It may not be obvious from the photos shown here but I can assure you that they are of the same model.

The car is actually what seems to be quite a common shade of dark turquoise, which I see often and have several examples of already. My photo makes it appear slightly more 'dark blue' than it should be and the Belgian's considerably more silver with a complete absence of any green in both our photos but, sitting in front of me now is a distinctly deep turquoise model which definitely has some green in the mix.

I have used some software to change the shade a little to illustrate better what I see in front of me.

Different again, I fear! But that is the car I have, the others are imposters, colour-shifters from some alien planet, via Belgium.

Of course, this is simply what my eyes show me. For all I know you are seeing something completely different and maybe some readers are getting excited at the possibility of a crimson Ghia!

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