Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Corgi Toys @ 60: Bedford Carrimore Car Transporter

October saw the first of several car transporters, the first of the Corgi 'Majors', and this also was the debut of the Bedford 'S' Type tractor unit. That unit would appear on a wide range of models for many more years.

The twin deck car transporter was a great model for children but expensive at 18/6d. Unless you had a birthday beforehand, this was more likely to be a Christmas present, if anything. The rear ramp would fold down and the precisely engineered 'hydraulic' supports would allow the top deck to be lowered slowly so that cars could be driven on in a very realistic manner.

This would be made available in Corgi's first Gift Set in December with four cars aboard. You'll have to wait until then to discover which were the first cars.

The cab was either red, pulling a blue and grey deck or blue with an all yellow deck. The former is by far the more commonly found now. The 'Majors' were produced in a much more appropriate scale - similar to that used for cars, although the comparatively small commercial lorries would also still continue for some time yet. They would look quite odd parked next to the Transporter.

The cab would be changed in 1962 but the deck section would remain largely unchanged through to 1966, getting suspension and a different base but, I think, the same ramp and transport sections.

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