Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Standard Vanguard III RAF Staff Car

My collector friend from Germany visited this week and gave me this lovely example of the 352 RAF Staff Car. At first glance I thought it was something I had already but then I saw the grey base. It seems that, as with one or two other models of similar vintage, the early black base was replaced by a grey base. Interestingly, the rear axles still retains the bulge that would have housed the gearing for a friction motor but that was never fitted to this RAF edition. I suppose it does remain quite accurate as the real thing would have had a differential of similar shape.

The Standard Vanguard III was one of the 1957 releases in yellow as 207M and red over very pale pea green as 207. The RAF version appeared in late 1958. 

You may be very lucky to find a 207 or 352 with shaped fixed wheels but by far the majority had fixed smooth wheels.

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