Friday, 28 July 2017

Mercedes Benz 350SL

This is a scarce item. It may be Whizzwheels but it is one of the better Whizzwheels as Corgi did a good job with the Mercedes Benz 350SL. You will find plenty of metallic blue and solid white editions and pretty much as new at very reasonable prices still. This metallic green one, however, is very unusual.

There is a range of box types, too, starting with the red and yellow type (with or without the Technocrats addition) and through to the black 'rainbow' type as this model had a long run from 1972 through to 1979.

During that period the wheels also got changed and you will also find some darker shades of blue with a more solid and shinier style of wheel, similar to those on the green edition shown here.

With prices for most editions low and lots available in excellent condition with quite a few variations these can make a nice collection that should not break the bank.


  1. Lovely blog. Well done! I have the white version of this with the words "Der Spiegel" pronted in red on each of the doors. In my opinion these words were added at time of production. I can find no reference anywhere to Corgi ever making promotional items for this German Newspaper. Never seen this anywhere else. Your thoughts??

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I apologise for the delay in replying. I have not seen any models with a promotion for Der Spiegel and do not know of any authorised arrangements.
      As you will appreciate, it is very easy to add transfers to models and they can appear very professional and similar to factory application. My guess is that someone at the Magazine Publisher has added these to some models either for a special promotional event or to give to some customers or colleagues.
      Perhaps someone at Corgi made a deal with the magazine to make a few at the factory but there has been no documentation of this that I have heard of.
      You have an interesting item and it is worth keeping. I would write to the magazine and ask them for any information. Do let me know what they say.