Saturday, 16 May 2015

Blue and rather rare again

What is it about blue and Corgi Toys? This has come along and you're probably already saying That's the wrong shade of blue and you'd be quite correct. It is neither the super rare RAF blue nor the RAC blue that were around at the time. However, look underneath and you'll see that the original colour was, indeed, RAF blue and so this I firmly believe is a genuine #351S that in good condition and a nice box would be worth four figures.

Unfortunately, it looks as though this had an accident that may have scratched the paintwork and smashed the rear screen and some kid has at some stage made a pretty reasonable job with some stripper and the old Humbrol. The base has not been removed. The tyres aren't original but they look pretty good so I'm not worried about them. I may add the RAF roundel but, even in this state, it is such a scarce item that I wouldn't risk messing up the paint further by attempting the remove one blue and put on another, tempting though that is!

It seems impossible to know what to price this at so I've just left it on the site inviting 'offers'. And if no-one wants to fill that hole in their collection I'm quite happy to keep it with the other 55 Land Rovers I seem to have accumulated! Oh dear, did I say 55? Heavens.

#351S - the base is intact and that's definitely RAF blue original paint inside the wheel arches.

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