Saturday, 30 May 2015

Another yellow mini

I will have to stop writing about minis. Another yellow Austin Seven came along last week and it is in better condition, paint-wise, than the first. However, very unusually for a mini, the suspension is non-existent. I don't think I've ever encountered a mini without decent suspension before and, of all models, it has to be this potentially expensive one!

It sits pretty well on the road and, at least, it is even! I would guess that the wires have either come out of the holders at each end or become permanently bent up, leaving the axles loose. That may be something I can fix without taking it apart but it's for sale if anyone else wants to have a go! Once that's done, it would be on par with the £300+ examples I've seen at auction. This is one of those models that really needs a box so if I still have it when one appears at a reasonable price I'll pick up an original one.

An amusing postcript to this is that my children and I play a game as we travel around, scoring points for spotting minis on the road. There's a bonus for a yellow one but, as old ones are worth ten times more, an old yellow one would be around 20 points. So it looks like I'm winning, guys...

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