Tuesday, 20 January 2015

More Bedford CA vans

422 Bedford CA 'Corgi Toys' Van

421 Bedford CA 'Evening Standard' Van

404M Bedford CA Dormobile
Three more additions to the Bedford CA Van list. Two are the later Mk 2 varieties with the Corgi Toys and Evening Standard decals. The third is a nice early Mechanical version of the Mk 1 Dormobile. 

The motor is rattling around inside the Dormobile unfortunately but the general condition otherwise is too good to take it to pieces so I'll put up with that. It didn't cost a great deal and I'll sell it cheaply too to help someone fill a space with a model that still has good paintwork after 55+ years.

The two Mk2s are not that easy to find these days either, not being around for very long. The van in delightfully 'Corgi' yellow and blue is attractive and in good condition. There are variations with the blue coming further down.

I have replaced the stickers on the Evening Standard van and that has made it look a lot fresher although they do now, perhaps, look a little too fresh! The originals, incidentally, should be paper stickers and you'd think they'd be easy to get off but, heavens, that glue is incredibly difficult to remove. So beware! What you might think is a simple scrape off and replace job may take a lot longer. I also could only find the water transfers. they look fine but purists may not approve. I shall not expect a fortune for this one though, bearing that in mind.

So that just leaves four: the Mk 2 412 ambulance and two fire department vans, 423 and 405M. I could also do with a Mk 1 404 (non mechanical) too. I have seen three of these so hopefully they'll be getting added before long but they only reference I've found to a Mk2 ambulance is on the Little Wheels site where the other Andrew has put a photo of one so it must exist.

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